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Faith Over Fear – Part 1

    Being wise is good…but trusting God is better!

    In 2013, I was driving a ‘98 baby blue 2-door Ford Explorer that I bought used in 2000 for $14k. The engine was solid but everything else on it was rachet including my drivers seat which would not stay upright on its own. I kept the rear passenger seat behind it folded down to hold the driver seat in place so I was effectively driving a 3-seater SUV. #NotShameNeither

    Im cheap when it involves large sums of money and I’d long said the only way I’d get a new truck was if the AC went out. I could deal with everything else but me and this southern heat do not get along! Late August 2013 is when I noticed the AC wasn’t cooling and the time had come for me and Baby Blue to part ways.

    I had prayed earlier and told the Lord I wanted a brand new black Explorer but the $42k price tag was very scary to me so I tried getting something cheaper. I tried my best to buy a used Ford Edge crossover for $16k but my hips said ‘nah sis’ plus I really needed a third row to haul folks and space to haul stuff to craft shows for my side hustle.

    In the end, I had to make a decision to trust God to supply what I needed or settle for what was comfortable to me. It was truly a matter of choosing Faith or Fear. With the encouragement of my friend Rachael who drove me to the dealership, I stepped out and chose faith. I drove off the lot on 12/26/2013 with exactly the brand, spanking, new, shiny black SUV I wanted.

    I have driven this truck all over America. From girls trips to Atlanta, family reunions in Nashville, solo birthday trips to DC and Dallas, attending the first Black Girls Craft conference in Charlotte, and a soapers conference in Cleveland. I was planning to take my niece and nephew to Chicago for their Fall break next month when the accident happened.

    Once again I’m being challenged to trust God for what I need which is a larger home and a new SUV. God is faithful to His promise in Philippians 4:19 – “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

    What do YOU need to trust God for today?

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