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How I started?

    TODAY is the first day on my new weight loss journey. I’m starting at 332 lbs, which is down from my pandemic high weight of 351 lbs, but up from my last year low of 325 lbs.

    It wasn’t because of a health scare because I’ve had some issues and still didn’t commit to losing. The great thing about growing up is that we should become more self-aware. This new commitment was mostly due to me admitting to myself that I will never be satisfied with my life at this size. There are a lot of things that I’m called to do and other things that I want to do that being my size makes harder and more complicated. And oun like that!

    I want the freedom to not have to delay going to South Korea and Japan because I don’t want to have to think “will I fit in the restaurant seats?” “If I my luggage gets lost, where will I find clothes to wear?” These a bunch of other things I would think about. I also know that if I reach the end of my life without doing everything I can to tackle my weight, I will be very disappointed in myself for not considering the life I could have had. Oun like that!

    There are the health issues which – Thank God! – are things that can be reversed like high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, general aches from too little movement, tiring too easy, etc. Oun like that either!

    I also know that it’s the Lord’s will for me to lose this weight. He’s let me know many, many, many times over the years. I lose some, gain it back, lose again, and you know. Oun like that!

    The late great Bishop GE Patterson said in a sermon “honey, if you need some help, get you some help!” I recognized that I needed help with this and whispered a prayer to God. Honestly, I know what to do, I just have trouble doing it consistently. I opened Instagram and saw a post by Cookie Miller who was accepting new clients for 1/1 coaching. We had a discovery call and we felt that we were a good fit for each other so I signed up.

    I also engaged help from Jenice Hill / The Juicy Cactus. In addition to yummy cold-prcessed juice blends, she does nutrition consults where she shares how she helped to heal family members of cancer and other diseases.

    Because consistency has been an issue for me, I’m refocusing this blog and my IG to be mostly weightloss content which will help me keep it top-of-mind.

    So that’s my plan! If you are also on a weightloss journey or especially if you need to start one – feel free to join me. #TogetherWeCan

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