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I launched this blog as FabFaithLife waaay back in 2017 on the cusp of my 49th birthday. I remember waking up one day with a desire to do something different than I currently was doing. A few months later my company announced a buyout and I just knew that was for me! I hatched a plan to take the buyout, move abroad and teach in Turkey, and be a digital nomad living my best life. To my surprise – but not God’s – my buyout request was not approved. What now? I needed a new plan.

Fast forward to today – I’m still working but I feel deep in my soul that it’s time to go. I’ve been at my company 20+ years and have worked in IT, Customer Experience, Sales, and Marketing in a variety of roles from tech support to project management to e-learning developer. I’ve truly done it all there. It’s time to work different.

The challenge – that I’ve chosen to accept – is that I’m not full-retirement age so I need to support myself another way. I believe God has given me the creativity to do this and I believe the innanet of opportunity is a big part of the answer. I just need to ‘figure it out’ as my friend Sylvia told me. #FixItJesus

This blog is about trusting God with all things and believing Him to do what I can’t. It’s about choosing to persevere and keep going on my entrepreneurial journey. It’s about reconnecting with my creativity in all it’s forms. It’s about embracing the opportunities I have being grown-grown. And it’s also about choosing better in all areas of my life including what I eat and how much I exercise. #HelpLord

Thanks so much for reading this loooonnnng post! I would realy appreciate it if you would share this with your friends who may be interested in this type of content – no matter what age they are.

Be Blessed!