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Sidecar Donuts – Diet Suspended

    My friend’s husband is a donut person. On my latest trip to SoCal they took me to their latest find – Sidecar Donuts. #LifeChanged. NOTHING compares to these donuts. I have no reason to ever eat Krispy Creme again – it’s just a waste of good calories and carbs.

    Sidecar Donuts are more like mini cakes in a donut shape and fried. They are not like the hard, cornbread texture cake donuts others brands give us. These are literally like a pound cake consistency. The cake itself is not as sweet but the fillings and toppings add the sugar donuts are known for.

    My friend’s favorite is this concoction called Salt & Sugar. My favorite was the seasonal special Passion Fruit Pavlova. #Yum

    Sadly…we went there tree times during the week I was there. If you’re in the LA area – check them out!

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