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Creative Roots

    Every journey has a starting place so I’m beginning this creative + faith journey by honoring those who came before me.

    Olivia Lee Morris – my maternal grandmother. My Mom tells me she could sew almost anything. She tipped when she walked because one of her feet was permanently bent like she had on high heels. She was a wife, mother, grandmother, the neighborhood Candy Lady, a great singer, and a women of faith.

    Arthur & Olivia Morris & My Mom & Aunts – My grandfather got saved after some members of the local COGIC church heard he was sick, came and prayed for him, and the Lord healed him. He later became an Elder in that church where I grew up attending. He died before any of his grandchildren were born but friends of his would tell us how he prayed that his children’s children would be blessed. That’s my Mom standing in front with the purse.

    Thelma – My Mom. She was the first person I saw hands on making things. Costumes, decorations, bulletin boards – she’s a retired 2nd grade teacher. My Mom’s room was the prettiest room in my elementary school and I was not happy when I learned I could not be in her class when I went to 2nd grade.

    While my Mom didn’t teach me to sew, her sewing meant we had creative stuff in our home for me to play with. One of the highlights of my Mom’s sewing life was making her own wedding dress – circa December 1965.

    Queen Ester aka Mama Queen – my maternal grandmother. She wrote poetry. When she became a mother she said ‘how am I going to raise my children right if they are not in church?’ She joined the local SDA church where she remained a member until her death.


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