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Creative Journey

    I love to travel. Doesn’t matter how – planes, trains, SUVs, ships – I am here for all it it. When I’m traveling nothing bothers me. Not the airport lines or the too-small seats or the waiting to deboard once I arrive. Not seemingly endless miles to drive, getting gas at suspect places with names like Love’s, Pilot, or Buckees. For me the journey is just as much fun as the experience of being somewhere. 

    This year (2023) I’m embarking on a journey that will take my from the corporate career I’ve had for 20+ years to a new place where I’m earning a living as a creative artist. Unlike my travels, I don’t know exactly where I’m going and the exact pathway to get there isn’t concrete. I just know it’s time to go.

    Today’s creative exercise is a short video with snippets of my journeys in 2022. I finished it but my iPad doesns’t have enough memory for me to publish and upload it to You Tube.  Will post it here as soon as I figure that out.

    Until next time….Be Blessed!


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